The Festival Marquee will be open from 10am to 6pm on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October.  Opening hours on Sunday are 11 am to 6pm.  Sunday opening will be preceded by the Taste of Monaghan Charity Walk for SOSAD.

Our demos start at 11 am daily.

Here’s the Demo Programme folks –
Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control we’ve had to made a little tweak to the printed programme.  The magnificent Mr. Frank Ford now entertains you at 4pm on Saturday and witness the inimitable Mr. Gerry Faloona in action at 2pm on Sunday.  Thank you.

Download The Taste of Monaghan Programme here

in addition to this great lineup we’ve may surprises in store including live music by the very talented members of Monaghan Arts Network every afternoon.

Don’t miss out – come to Taste of Monaghan 2016 for a great week end – lots of events, magnificent exhibitors and many many treats in store!
taste of monaghan programmetaste of monaghan

Download The Taste of Monaghan Programme here